Brief introduction of thrust needle roller bearings
 Sep 09, 2019|View:1312

The thrust needle roller bearing is one of the needle roller bearings and is composed of a thrust cage assembly with a needle roller or a cylindrical roller or a ball and a thrust washer. The needle roller and the cylindrical roller are held and guided by the thrust cage. When used with different series of DF thrust bearing washers, many different combinations are available for bearing configurations.

Due to the use of high-precision cylindrical needles, the length of the contact is increased, so that the thrust needle roller bearing can obtain high load capacity and high rigidity in a small space.

Another advantage of thrust needle roller bearings is that if the surface of the adjacent part is suitable for the raceway surface, the washer can be omitted and the design is compact. The needle roller and cylindrical roller are used for the DF thrust needle roller bearing and the thrust cylindrical roller bearing. The cylindrical surface of the sub-section is a pruning surface, which reduces the edge stress and improves the service life.

This is the thrust needle roller bearing. Each different needle bearing has its own advantages. This also requires us to judge ourselves. How to choose the needle bearing of different advantages.

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