Overview of bearing characteristics of thrust needle roller bearings
 Sep 09, 2019|View:1319

As a kind of common bearing, the thrust needle roller bearing has its own characteristics in terms of product characteristics. The main points are as follows.


Thrust needle roller bearings are fitted with a shaped cage that securely holds and guides a large number of needle rollers. Thrust needle roller bearings offer very high stiffness in a very small axial space. In applications where the surface of adjacent machine components can be used as raceways, thrust needle roller bearings take up less space than conventional thrust washers.


Thrust needle roller bearing characteristics:

1, can withstand axial heavy load and impact load

In one assembly, the diameter deviation of the needles is extremely small, thus enabling these bearings to withstand heavy axial loads and shock loads.

2, extend bearing life

To prevent stress peaks, the needle ends are slightly contracted to change the line contact between the raceway and the needle roller.


Such bearings are commonly used in automotive steering mechanisms, machine tool spindles, and are an important bearing component.

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